• More Storytime with Miss Tricia

    Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m., weather permitting

    drawing of a woman reading to children at story time
    One Storytime is not enough! Come join Miss Tricia for a seceond Storytime with a different book and craft on Wednesdays! Children of all ages are welcome and no registration is necessary. The library is closed on all Federal holidays, Patriots Day and when there is inclement weather that closes the Quabbin Regional School District.
  • Storytime!!!

    Mondays at 1:00 p.m.

    Come join Miss tricia for a great book and craft!  Children of all ages are welcome and no registration is necessary.  The library is closed on all Federal holidays, Patriots Day and when there is inclement weather that closes the Quabbin Regional School District.
  • Not Just Knitting is Back!

    October 9th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

    Bring your needles, hooks, crossstitch, felting, yarn or what have you and spend a couple hours with other crafters.  No registration is necessary, Just come and have fun!
  • Closed Monday October 9, 2023

    Columbus Day

    drawing of three ships columbus sailed to America
    The Library will re-open Tuesday October 10, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Recap of the 2023 5k Road Race

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26th Annual Hubbardston Library 5K Run/Walk Results

September 9, 2024 (W denotes walker)

Place Time Name Age    Town
1 17:37 Scott Leslie 42 Rutland
2 18:33 Jeremy Zglobicki 36 Templeton
3 19:06 Matt Twarog 47 Hubbardston
4 19:32 Sam Johnson 55 Hubbardston
5 20:08 Jayden B. 15 Ashburnham
6 20:23 Gael Moncoeur 37 Hubbardston
7 20:27 Jon Miganowicz 36 Templeton
8 21:18 Max Marcotte 27 Worcester
9 21:30 Logan H. 15 Fitchburg
10 23:36 Ben Simin 24 Princeton
11 24:17:00 Daniella G. 13 F Hubbardston
12 25:07:00 Evan Halstead 46 Fitchburg
13 25:51:00 Alexander Maillet 23 Gardner
14 26:04:00 Tim Hawley 70 Hubbardston
15 26:23:00 Amanda Larose 21 F Princeton
16 27:59:00 Jaime McCaffrey 27 F  Oakham
17 28:41:00 Lynne Monfreda 69 F Hubbardston
18 28:53:00 David Sacramone 53 Hubbardston
19 30:07:00 Laura Larose 54 F Princeton
20 30:25:00 Cameron Naglak 30 Winchendon
21 30:36:00 Calvin Clinkscale 25 Winchendon
22 31:06:00 Julie Bergeron 40 F Baldwinville
23 31:41:00 Rachel Simin 54 F Princeton
24 31:49:00 Caela Provost 35 F Salem
25 31:50:00 Alan Gray 68 Gardner
26 33:06:00 Rick Morin 74 Winchendon
27 33:28:00 Fiona Levey (W) 53 F Northborough
28 34:56:00 Alicia Maillet 28 F Hubbardston
29 34:57:00 Matthew Songer 29 Hubbardston
30 35:05:00 Jim Culver 52 Barre
31 36:32:00 Mike Stoll 64 Hubbardston
32 38:22:00 Valerie Morin 58 F Paxton
33 38:30:00 Dustin L. 8 Hubbardston
34 38:34:00 Patricia Lowe 31 F Hubbardston
35 38:39:00 Maria Barnes 69 F Templeton
36 38:57:00 Dave Kymalainen W 71 Gardner
37 39:02:00 George Barnes 69 Templeton
38 39:35:00 Brian Savilonis  (W) 73 Princeton
39 42:33:00 Chad Plouffe 19 Hubbardston
40 42:49:00 Lee Ann Coleechi  W 59 F Gardner
41 43:54:00 Susan Dusoe 51 F Winchendon
42 44:22:00 Ann Neuberg  (W) 70 Princeton
43 44:23:00 Kelly Ford   (W) 50 F Hubbardston
44 45:14:00 Robert Wirtanen 68 Westminster
45 46:32:00 Jenny Lefrancois W 51 Orange
46 47:19:00 Frank Morana   (W) 61 Northborough
47 48:49:00 Liv P.    15 F  
48 48:53:00 Cindy Plouffe  (W) 48 F Hubbardston
49 50:20:00 Emily I. 11 F Rutland
50 50:21:00 Lindy Imranyi 47 F Rutland
51 50:33:00 Linda Hier  (W) 59 Fitchburg
52 50:34:00 Tom Monfreda  (W) 73 Hubbardston
53 51:58:00 Julia Connery (W) 60 F Hubbardston
54 53:34:00 John Wetmiller 77 Princeton
55 59:54:00 Ken Horvath 73 Hubbardston
56 60:24:00 Stephen Deneen  W 70 Hubbardston
57 68:07:00 Richard Hackett 84 Hubbardston

Curbside Pickup is still available during open hours

How It Works:
  1. Place the item(s) you want on hold in the library catalog, at www.cwmars.org. You must be logged into your library account to do this.
  2. When your items come in and are placed on our holds shelf, you will receive an email or telephone call from us when your item(s) are available for pick up.
  3. You can schedule a convenient time for you to pick up your items during our normal business hours.  Let us know the make and model of the vehicle your will be using for pick up.
  4. The library staff will check out your item(s) to your library card.
  5. When you arrive at the library, park on Main Street (Route 68 Southbound) and we will bring your checkouts to you in a bag and you will be on your way.

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Check out the CWMARS app for your phone!  No more trying to remember the name of the author or book that somone suggested for you.  Just open the app and or it right there.  You will need a valid CWMARS library card and PIN to access your account.  Give us a call at 978-928-4775 or reach out to us via our Facebook Page for help setting your app up..

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Library History

Black and white picture of the library  The Hubbardston Public Library was founded in 1872, and originally housed its collection of books in the local Mechanics Hall. In 1874, Jonas G. Clark, a native of Hubbardston and founder of Clark University, purchased the Main Street Property and funded the construction of the brick and stone library building.
The building is in the Second Empire/Italianate style and was designed by Elbridge Boyden and Son, of Worcester. In September 1875, the Hubbardston Public Library opened the doors at its 7 Main Street location, where you can find it today. The first floor was originally half library, half post office, hence the  plaques you might notice flanking the front door. The gallery level was added to the rear of the building in 1929. Many residents recall the gallery's original translucent glass floor.
The property underwent a historical restoration project in 2000 to address many of its needed repairs.
In 2016, the library had an interior restoration which included restoring the original heart pine floors, new carpet in the entry, electrical work, a new sunny yellow paint in the children's room and some new furnishings.
Up next for the library is developing a long range plan.